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We operate as one of the largest Recliner Repair Companies in Australia and, as a major distributor for our Countries local supplier/importer of Recliner, Lift Chair and Sofa Bed Action spare parts, we have the range and expertise to be your best possibility of the happy ending you’ve been looking for.





The strong desire to rest back into a retractable chair to enjoy watching television or to have a short (or long) nap is increasingly becoming the norm for many people.

The popular option these days seems to be electric recliners. The ease of use and effortless approach gives the feeling of being ‘Treated like a King’ to those who indulge themselves. It is a major investment to those who heavily rely on them due to health restrictions.

During our time of Leather Surface Rejuvenation and Furniture Upholstery & Recliner Repairs, we have helped many distraught and upset Recliner owners get ‘Reclining Again’. The Electric Recliner Mechanic was formed to create an easier way for people in need to hear about our services and get in touch with us.

We are very passionate about what we do. Each repair is challenging but very rewarding knowing we were able to fix someone’s problem. Our main goal at the end of the day is to ensure all our customers are happy, and place a smile on their face.


  • The Electric Recliner Mechanic is a newly formed division of Revitalise Repair Services. The need to create this new division was realised when recliner lovers consistently expressed how difficult it was to find someone to get their beloved reclining chairs working again.

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