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Hi, my name is Scott. I have been working with Recliners, and within the Industry, for over 15 years, witnessing so many people upset over their Recliner not working and/or looking distressed. I started The Electric Recliner Mechanic to support those in need of Manual and Electric Recliner assistance. We have helped so many people over the years get the happy ending they’ve been looking for, letting them rest easy once more.

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Are you frustrated that your recliner is not working or is starting to play up? Imagine your relief from getting your recliner working again!

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Is your recliner making annoying noises, jolting, grinding or even stuck in the open position, unable to move? Get your sanity back from a recliner that does not scream in pain when used!

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Do you, or someone you care about, rely on an electric lift chair for mobility and freedom? Wouldn’t it be a catastrophe if it couldn’t be used? Feel the relief your loved one gains knowing they can trust the lift chair will support them once more and into the future!

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The Electric Recliner Mechanic understands why aggravation and frustration arises when a recliner is not working. We are constantly reminded as our days are filled with satisfaction from the sheer relief of customers after we have just repaired their recliner.

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